Zina's Clothing

Here is a sampling of some of Zina's most popular styles. We're adding more all the time so check back or download a shirt catalog.


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Wonderful Silks and Cottons

It started simply enough. Like a lot of us, Zina wasn't satisfied with the clothes she found in stores. So on one of her many trips to Asia, she picked up some gorgeous Thai silk and cotton. She designed some shirts and jackets- fabulous, versatile pieces that complemented each other. Suddenly everyone was asking, "Where can I buy that?"

After years of hearing this, she started selling the clothing in her Beverly Hills store and then in upscale retailers across the country. Zina's original designs- confident, classic items you'll wear again and again.

Reed Jacket in Thai Silk
Style: 102/TS
Origami Shirt in Cottom
Style: 104/CT
Origami Shirt in Thai Silk
Style: 104/TS
Painters Shirt in Cotton
Style: 202/CT